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Celebrating Black Businesses at Black History Month 2013 – Ade Sawyerr

Celebrating Black Businesses at Black History Month 2013 – Ade Sawyerr Many things have been celebrated in black history month over the years but I doubt whether there has been any celebration of black people in business in Britain so in this brief note I intend to chronicle the history of black business development and celebrate the initiatives in the hope that more assistance will come in the way as we look forward to contributing to the brighter future of wealth creation in this country. We have come a very long way from the days when black people did not routinely [...]

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Serving the needs of the African and Caribbean heritage community in Watford

There was a time when there were only a few primarily Caribbean people settled in Watford.  However, over the past 20 years the population of people of African heritage has greatly increased. 37 years ago in 1976, when the Watford African Caribbean Association (WACA) was formed, there were barely 500 African and Caribbean people in Watford and the outlying areas; then its concern was more about gathering people around and fostering particularly the Caribbean identity and projecting their culture.  Now the community has changed dramatically and with it also the opportunity to cater for the needs of all the enlarged [...]

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Nigerian government prioritises health and education as it reaches out to Diaspora professionals in the UK

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is supporting the Federal Government of Nigeria’s efforts to engage with Nigerian Diaspora professionals in the UK.  The IOM has launched a national survey to identify Nigerian health and education professionals working in the UK and who might be willing to contribute to the development Nigeria’s health and education sectors. Clarissa Azkoul, Chief of Mission of IOM UK stated: ‘The Nigerian Government has recognised the importance and positive role that Nigerians professionals in the Diaspora can play in the socio-economic development of the country.  Health and education have been identified as the main priorities [...]

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Call for Lambeth’s Black Caribbean Community to take part in major listening exercise

  Cllr Lorna Campbell, cabinet member for Equalities and Communities has called on Lambeth’s Black Caribbean Community to take part in a major listening exercise in March and April. The council is undertaking research to listen to the views and experiences of Lambeth’s black Caribbean community. Lambeth is changing the way it operates to give residents real power and influence over decisions which affect their lives. Under Lambeth’s Cooperative Council residents, councillors and council staff will work together to design, develop and deliver services. This research is part of the council’s wider work to understand the views and experiences of Lambeth’s [...]

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Is there Black Caribbean flight from Inner London?

Whist the discussion on the results of 2011 census rages, the headlines seem to be more emotive than based on rigorous analysis of the figures and its implications.  There is certainly a need for more information on the Black Caribbean population, especially in the places that they are usually associated with in order for a more informed discussion to take place. Places such as Lambeth need more critical analysis. Between 1991 and 2001, the percentage of the Black Caribbean population increased from 1.05% to 1.14% in England.  In London it increased from 4.36% to 4.79%, and in Outer London, it [...]

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Is it time to ditch the colour Black for our true heritage, African?

The African Or Black Question: Colour or Heritage? – Ade Sawyerr In an article I wrote last year, I wondered what people of African descent would make of the declaration of 2011 the International Year for people of African Descent,, and to what extent they would benefit from the message of recognition, justice and development that was intended to be the hallmark of the celebrations.  Though we are yet to evaluate the significant outcomes of the year of celebration, it has forced on us a question that is being asked about what people of African descent should be called in [...]

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Should Africa be scared of the Chinese exploration?

  Ade Sawyerr, one of Britain’s foremost African thinkers gives an insight to an emerging relationship between African countries and the Chinese Republic. Should Africa now look East and abandon the long standing albeit rocky relationship with the West? Ade informs. David Cameron’s speech in Nigeria included a warning for Africa to be cautious in their dealing with China and a suggestion that the authoritarian capitalism model adopted by the Chinese was not sustainable and will not help in the development of Africa. But this warning needs to be examined against the backdrop why it has taken 50-60 years for [...]

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The Equinox Consulting story

The Equinox Consulting story The story of Equinox Consulting can be likened to a journey of hard work with a lot of fulfilment along the way; but like all journeys, things do not always go as planned. There are detours and there are new objectives that get set up along the journey.  The business model and the strategy for survival have to be constantly updated especially if like us you have been able to survive two recessions. We remain in business because there is, and has always been a compelling need for the work we do for our clients, and [...]

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