Strategic Business Plans – The future focus and direction is critical

Business plans have always been the key to efficient and effective delivery of projects. In assisting voluntary organisations to develop business plans, we recognise that the process of drawing up the plan is as important as the plan itself and therefore we consult all the stakeholder groups

The assignment focuses on three elements:
•management audit – internal investigation speaking with trustees, staff and volunteers
•social review – external analysis, interviewing users funders and partners
•business plan – future direction and focus after reviewing documents and synthesising results of discussions

The method of drawing up the plan involves agreement with the management committee on brief.
•review of documents and plans
•discussion with stakeholders such as
•management committee members
•staff and workers
•volunteers and trainees
•funders from statutory sector and private charities
•other voluntary sector organisations
•users and clients

The business plan will often include:
•Structure and management
•Local needs and Current client group
•Potential user/customer base
•Operational staff roles of staff and volunteers
•Adequacy of property, premises, equipment and machinery
•Competition and partnerships
•Financial cost and resources
•Financial cost and resources
•Project service specifications
•Marketing of the service and funding plan

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