Innovation – Exploring and extending critical nuances and approaches

Our brand of innovation is about trying new things and improving on existing things and is borne out of the belief that a process of continuously improvement is important to if disadvantaged groups are to advance.

As a consultancy we strive to devise new methodologies for carrying out our assignments and in seeking the views of traditionally disadvantaged communities we go the extra mile in trying to reach them. The process starts with ensuring that they are comfortable with our approaches and if it means holding training sessions for business people at weekends or interviewing them in the homes rather than in their places of business because that is more convenient for them, we are prepared to do that.

We also make use of the points of influence within their communities whether these are the known community leaders or the different faith leaders or the unsung pillars of the communities, we seek these out, explain the benefits of our work to enable them to assist us in our community involvement and engagement work.

Our innovation is also about doing things differently and not sticking all the time with slavish methods of analysis that sometimes miss the critical nuances of our quest, we extend these to make them more appropriate in the process consulting that is at the heart of our work to help transform communities.