Evaluations & Appraisals – Reality check: prove the impact of your project

Small community organisations provide excellent services for the communities of interest. Often however they face problems with continued funding because they are unable to demonstrate how useful their projects are to their users. This need not be the case if they include evaluation capacity into their project proposals.
Our comprehensive service for proving your impact through our independently conducted evaluations and reviews can be used to make the case for continued funding. We interview all the stakeholder groups with a view of ascertaining how objectives and targets are being met. We examine, the processes, content and impact of the projects.

We conduct evaluations, appraisals and reviews of organisations with a view of looking at the best way forward for the organisations.
The review focuses on certain aspects of the operations including:
•Achievements and successes
•Technical competence: judicious utilisation of resources
•Financial: reasonableness of costs and revenue needs
•Institutional: are the inputs of the organisation sufficient and does the organisation have the requisite capacity and capability to deliver the project and whether service provision is driven by quality issues
•Social and cultural: what are the tangible local benefits and to what extent are women, and ethnic minorities motivated to participate fully in the project
•Economic: is there value for money and are there other ways that the organisation?s work can be better delivered
•Sustainability: can we identify ways in which the organisation is moving towards sustainability and is this really being achieved.
•Lessons learned: a key process of this type of evaluation is that it must point to a future direction of how one must proceed

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