Community – Involving communities of interest to participate fully in society

We support black and minority ethnic communities of interest to participate fully in society.  Communities as places need to be regenerated from time to time when they fall into disrepair; however communities are not only about places, there is a human element of people who make up communities.

Communities also extend beyond places that makes communities of interest within the multicultural multi-ethnic fabric of our British society a legitimate focus for engagement and involvement. Communities of interests such members of the African, Caribbean and Asian communities that are relatively newly arrived in this country still need their community organisations to provide support to them in addition to what they get from the mainstream statutory agencies. Indeed the ability of these communities to integrate is best tested by the strength of their community organisations and whilst individuals may do well in these communities, it is when their community organisations are at their most vibrant that we see the community moving forward with progress.

African, Caribbean and Asian community organisations need a lot of management support to survive the transition from grant aided welfare organisation to sustainable organisation that provide services to their communities and other communities in collaboration or competition with other service providers.

Because they have a better knowledge of their communities they are not only the gateway to their communities but they are better able to provide culturally sensitive services that are heavily demanded even if these services are seen as supplementary services by the mainstream. Both grassroots and specialist second tier organisations need the management support to enable them run more efficiently and effectively. Equinox Consulting provides this management support offering a variety of services such as: facilitation of away day strategy sessions, board development, management and leadership training courses, feasibility studies, carrying out of appraisals, reviews and evaluations and the development of strategic business plans and capacity building and community consultations consultancies.
The purpose of our offering is to enable these organisations deliver better services to their users and the communities that they serve.