Enterprise Strategies – Participating fully in the economy: creating wealth

Equinox Consulting actively support prospective and existing business people by providing management support in a variety of ways to help them set up and achieve growth in their business. We specialise in enterprise development and promote strategies aimed at transforming inner city areas into vibrant places for economic activity.
We provide:
•Counselling and business planning services
•Business skills training and seminars
•Researching issues that promote the development of robust strategies for statutory sector intervention and support

We provide counselling services and the development of business plans for these existing and prospective business people. Our counselling services are process driven and structured in such a way as to elicit vital information from the clients.
We assist our clients to analyse ideas rigorously, we provide them with relevant information on the implication of each option and enable them to select the most appropriate course of action.

Our training programmes involve a mixture of lectures, exercises, role play, group work and motivational instruction. The training deals with functional, process and informational skills required to set up and run a business successfully and profitably.
Our business enterprise programmes are targeted at start up entrepreneurs. These sessions deal with the process of setting up in business and management skills issues in getting the business operational. Translating ideas into action, marketing research and strategy are key subjects as well as compliance with regulations.
Our private enterprise sessions are targeted at existing small business people. These sessions deal with management control, marketing, customer care and planning for the future, understanding financial accounts, use of information and communication technology and employing people.
Our business growth sessions are target at business at the stage of expansion. The growth programmes examine service management issues, sourcing of finance and structuring of the business for effectiveness as well as strategic business planning and topical issues such as government policy.

Enterprise business plans take many forms; there are those that are prepared for start up business that are used as a guide to strategic operations and to search for external funding to supplement the owner’s capital. Other business plans are developed to assist in the refinancing of existing businesses that need to expand.

Whichever plan we are asked to undertake we ensure that they contain the following:
•Mission statement of the organisation
•Owners and Management
•Structure of market and demand
•Description of services and definition of target market
•Competition and SWOT Analysis
•Production parameters and Operational considerations
•Marketing Strategies
•Set up and operating finances.
•Cashflows and financial projections
•Borrowing requirements
•Evaluation of profitability and Comment on viability

We work with enterprise agencies and institutions to promote business development to the African, Caribbean and Asian communities.

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