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Providing skills for sustainable jobs

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Employment Initiatives – Providing skills for sustainable jobs

Equinox Consulting devise appropriate measures to overcome the objective and subjective barriers to employment for people from disadvantaged communities.

We have researched the barriers to employment for young minority ethnic people, examined the aspirations that influence their choice of careers and the problems they face on government sponsored training for work schemes. We have also researched the recruitment, retention and progression of minority ethnic staff within a government department and are able to provide advice on the redeployment of staff the have been made redundant.

Our employment initiatives can be summarised as:
•Work Skills training and customised training
•Employment research and work with organisations to redeploy staff
•Employment search and recruitment initiatives

We provide customised training programmes that ensures that the employer is part of the training process and is willing to assist the participants in looking for openings in their organisations. For most of these programmes the employer assists in the design
of the package and guarantees that at the end of the training programme each participant is allowed to apply and is guaranteed an interview.

We have also assisted persons looking for employment to
•Deciding their career objectives
•Job search techniques
•Application forms and preparation of CVs
•Interview Techniques

We also run programmes for organisations who want to develop their workforce in different areas providing them with
•office and administration skills
•computer literacy and competence skills
•supervisory and management skills
•client and customer care skills

In response to concerns that black-led establishments are unable to recruit suitable staff for demanding positions, we provide an executive search facility to find and place appropriate staff with them.
We have also researched the recruitment, retention and progression of minority ethnic staff within a government department.

Equinox Consulting assists employers to implement fair recruitment practices and to reap the benefits of diversity in the workforce and the board room.
We have assisted in the process by:
•Short listing
•Interviewing and

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