Strategic Away days – Meeting the challenges of the times

Community organisations, especially organisations operating within minority and disadvantaged communities, are caught up in the spending cuts. There is no doubt that the cuts will affect us all; but can you afford to do nothing? To survive there is an urgent need for strategic planning. The process starts with an independently facilitated strategic away day to consider the ‘here and now’ and options for the future.

We adopt several methodologies for assisting in the facilitation of away day for the development of strategy in developing work plans for different organisations.

The focus of our facilitation is to ensure that the organisation is able to develop appropriate strategies that will help it achieve its objectives and that these are owned by all the members of the organisation, the management as well as the staff and the volunteers.

The issues that we explore include:
•Management Structure
•Stakeholder involvement
•Quality issues
•Developing a shared vision
•Resolving conflict
•Developing a work plan
•Evaluating projects and activities
•Formulating policy
•Resolving finance issues
•Examining sources of funding
•Building a coherent and performing team

The strategic away day for your trustees and senior staff will focus on:
•Services and Clients
•Objectives and Activities
•Resources and Staff
•Opportunities for collaboration
•Funding and income generation options
•The way forward and action plan

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