Our Approach – Dealing with the immediate: thinking about future impact

Our clients are mainly concerned with the development of viable structures to assist in economic and social development.
We have always adopted approaches that deal with the immediate issues. We however ensure that our approach in each instance looks at how future challenges can be met.

We supply methodologies and outputs that are pertinent to the objectives of the assignment; we are involved in diagnosis, in process consulting and also in the implementation of some of the solutions that we recommend to our clients.

We devise appropriate methodologies to research problems and offer options for the resolution of issues of concern.

We adopt an integrated approach of providing services to our clients in:
• Consultancy
• Training
• Research

Our integrated approach model



consultancy - Fairy-flowers

We provide management consultancy services in areas where we have gained experience over the years. We design appropriate methodologies for finding solutions to difficult issues that confront deprived communities. We involve the client at all stages of the management consultancy service; from brief and tender development,  



Training - River-and-canyon

At Equinox Consulting, we are able to offer our clients in-house tailored programmes to suit their particular circumstances. We are available as trainers to work on programmes that have been already developed. We have carried out several training programmes working in association for Councils for Voluntary Services across Britain. 



research Blue-drops-on-leaf

Researching new issues is at the heart of how social and economic policy is influenced.  It is often vital to carry out original research on the issues that confront the newer immigrants so as to be able to devise policies that are practical and effective.  We carry out research on needs and opportunities and barriers and obstacles that socially  ..