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Equinox Consulting are pleased to present a collection of articles written by one of the principals representing his breadth of interests on a variety of subjects.

Here are a collection of our articles


The Empire Strikes Back Download 

Black controlled businesses in Britain: particular problem and suggested solutions Download

Do you mean business?
Supporting Entrepreneurial activity in Ghana

Community Development
Funding barriers facing African community organisations
The role of black consultants in the voluntary sector

OBV (Ade Sawyerr writes occasional pieces for OBV magazine)
Vision of Unity
Empowerment for all
Blackening the White House
Integrating Equalities Download
Great Expectations

Ade Sawyerr has over the years written many articles for the Voice and New Nation
publications on contemporary African British issues

Guest column
Whatever happened to Black Voluntary Support
Why Obama represents a totally new breed of black politicians
Will I ever join the Labour Party
Why race equality is poor in rich London

Ade has written several articles in the Ghanaian Press mainly on the politics of the country
Ivory Coast: A view of the crisis
The futile attempt to tarnish Nkrumah’s good name must cease
23rd September 1960 – Achimota School
Can Obama deliver on his promise to Africa?
A fitting and deserving honour to Kwame Nkrumah
A new realignment for change in black politics – Opinion
CPP has an opportunity to deliver for the people of Ghana
Open letter to Brother Sekou Nkrumah
Various other topics
20-04-2011 8th April 2011 – submission to the constitutional commission: All coups are illegal
11-04-2011 Brixton uprisings – 1981 – 2011
06-04-2011 Shame on you Carlton Cole
06-03-2011 6th March 1957 – Interdependence – Ghana Union
28-02-2011 The Martyrs of our independence – 28th February 1948
26-02-2011 Big Society: One size fits all?
18-02-2011 Will there ever be a British dream?
14-02-2011 Change has come to Egypt and with it an opportunity for a more principled foreign policy approach
31-07-2010 Welcome to the new crop of black parliamentarians
13-04-2010 Using the courts to persecute political opponents is wrong
04-04-2010 Is the failure of Ghana due to the failure of Achimota School?
11-03-2010 Futumfunafu dyenkyem funafu, wom aforo bom nso worididia na wom kom
08-08-2009 A Special Homowo Prayer from the Diaspora
14-07-2009 The challenge of democracy – Can Obama deliver on his promise to Africa?
24-06-2009 Tribute: Ever Young at 80 – Mr James Aflah Barnor
13-03-2009 A fitting and deserving honour to Kwame Nkrumah – Civitatis Ghaniensis Conditor
04-12-2008 Real Change is going to come to Ghana too!!
28-07-2008 Organise Presidential debates in all 10 regions
25-06-2008 The CPP has an opportunity to deliver for the people of Ghana
24-02-2008 Kufour’s legacy – dishonouring the name of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah
24-09-2007 Is this the promised re- awakening of the CPP?
05-07-2007 Dr Kwame Nkrumah – realising the vision for the next 50 years
08-12-2005 A free and fair society for all – an alternative development agenda!!
06-08-2003 Who makes the news in a democracy?
23-07-2003 MR. D. KWAME OFORI DANKWA: As We Knew Him
08-07-2003 The CPP will win through with its ideas
30-05-2002 Leaders without constituencies – the sorry state of the party
31-03-2002 Politically motivated trials are bad for democracy
06-03-2002 Ghana at 45 years – Great time to hit maturity
25-02-2002 Ghana’s day of shame – 24th February 1966
01-05-2000 An open letter to the African electorate
Various other topics