Our Values – equality of opportunity and outcomes are valid aspirations for all communities

Our core values emanate from our belief that it is only active citizens who can help to uplift communities by helping them to participate positively and contribute to social, economic and political development.  The past century saw black and minority ethnic communities fighting for racial justice in Britain but whilst that drive must continue and whilst race must be put back on the agenda for the prosperity of this country it is equally important that those few who have benefitted from some of the positive changes work with other members of the community to come from the margins to the mainstream.  The concept of the ‘talented tenth’ preached by WEB Dubois at the start of the America civil rights movement in the early 1900s needs revisiting.  Communities thrive best when they are cohesive and work together and the larger responsibility of falls on members of the community who must provide thought leadership and action to assist in the drive towards integration.

We value the  positive moves that Britain has made in celebrating diversity – the knowledge that people who have come from other parts of the world who though disadvantaged by their background are prepared to work to help build a more equal society must be applauded so that they can share the same aspirations of the mainstream.  But there is a lot more that needs to be done that requires the debunking of old assumptions about black and minority ethnic communities; the old structures and method for engagement need to be changed.  Without this innovation in ideas, methods and implementation strategies integrated communities will continue to elude as and the tensions will remain.

We believe that in the search for new strategies for engaging communities, due consideration should be given to salient cultural characteristics of black and minority ethnic communities.  This will only come with an understanding of the difficulties facing these communities and indeed of their aspirations and in order for the authorities to be responsive to their needs, sensitivity must be applied to objective criteria used in determining policy that affects them.

We trust that our intervention helps in making black and minority communities in the UK more aware of opportunities ahead of them rather than in clinging on the issues about their origin that defines them.

Our values


Innovation -Crocodile-on-the-road

Our brand of innovation is about trying new things and improving on existing things and is borne out of the belief that a process of continuously improvement is important to if disadvantaged groups are to advance. As a consultancy we strive to devise new methodologies for carrying out our assignments and in seeking the views of traditionally disadvantaged communities we go the extra mile in trying to reach them. 


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The world is full of infinite variety and diversity; that fact is what provides for progress and advancement. The diversity manifests in aesthetic and functional ways and shows that one size fits all mentality of policy makers may sound and look brilliant on paper but is really not the only way to make policy in a multicultural multiethnic country such as Britain. There are other view points that are equally valid that help to impact positively on …


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We recognise that most of our clients are delivering useful services to their deprived and disadvantaged communities. They do this with very little resources or support from the statutory sector. They believe that the statutory sector does not understand them and does not value the work they do and therefore is unwilling to provide them with the resources. As honest brokers undertake consultations where we are able to …