Sensitivity – Adding equality and equity to quality

We recognise that most of our clients are delivering useful services to their deprived and disadvantaged communities. They do this with very little resources or support from the statutory sector.

They believe that the statutory sector does not understand them and does not value the work they do and therefore is unwilling to provide them with the resources.

As honest brokers undertake consultations where we are able to translate their views to the statutory sector; we also help explain the implication of government policy to our clients. We endorse the approach taken by African and Caribbean organisations to introduce cultural sensitivity to the delivery of their services; these attributes contribute to the quality of the offering and make their service delivery more effective.

We recognise that as Britain becomes more of a multicultural and multi-ethnic community there are tensions to be resolved often because of conflicting and contradictory needs of the different communities; we believe that it is critical to re-examine and redefine the basis of integration because the different communities all contribute to the economic and social advancement of this country.

Our belief is that the role of a management consultant is one of shedding light on issues but also one of adding value to the work of our clients and the communities that we serve. We continue to provide new approaches to resolving problems that are seen as intractable, that needs a setting amount of stepping aside to re-frame the important questions that need to be asked.

We focus in three main areas of Community development, Enterprise Strategies and Employment initiatives as they relate to disadvantaged communities in Britain. Our work is influenced by the guiding principles of innovation, diversity and sensitivity that enables us to deliver enduring and sustainable solutions to the issues that confront the British people of African, Caribbean and Asian descent.

We are confident that our work assists in this important task of binding diverse communities into cohesive stronger communities that make a contribution to development and growth in this country and that eventually makes Britain a better place to live and work.