Policy Research – Shinning a light on seemingly intractable problems facing minority communities

Minority and excluded communities in Britain still face a lot of problems arising out of disadvantage but often the solution to these problems are not clear when viewed using objective criteria alone; there is a certain understanding of these communities that is required to deal with the inequalities and to craft positive action oriented solutions for these, seemingly, intractable problems.
We adopt methodologies that enables often ‘hard to reach’ communities to feel comfortable in discussing their problems and issues, and speaking frankly which allows them to point us to solutions that are as practical as they are sustainable. We are able to undertake these assignments because of our expertise in economic and social development issues and because of the several years experience working with these communities.

Our approach is at all times rigorous but we are able to temper this with the sensitivity required to arrive at workable solutions. We always adopt a judicious mix of approaches combining desk and field work as appropriate and take great pains in framing the questions after extensive back ground research. We ensure that we consult and hold discussions with all relevant stakeholders on these assignments.

Research on enterprise is critical in informing strategy for the development of business by people from disadvantaged and excluded communities in the UK. The right strategies and structures will remove the barriers that make these businesses under-represented but this can only be achieved if we know enough about their problems, motivations and aspirations.
However since these groups are considered to be ‘hard to reach groups’ the research deploy innovative and yet robust methodologies to ensure that the interviews are representative of the communities. Equinox Consulting deploys such methodologies and we are also able to involve the respondents in the research, sensitive to their needs for confidentiality and better explain the benefits of the research to their business fortunes.

Some methods we deploy include
•In-depth interviews
•Multiple choice questionnaires
•Focused groups
•We also ensure that the samples selected are representative of all groups.

Economic research is often linked to strategies that enable people to find jobs or set up in business. Equinox Consulting undertakes research into issues as these affect disadvantaged and excluded communities. Our assignments are also focused on local areas and how new structures or programme can used to make an impact in
these areas.

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