Diversity – The mix is far richer than the pure

The world is full of infinite variety and diversity; that fact is what provides for progress and advancement. The diversity manifests in aesthetic and functional ways and shows that one size fits all mentality of policy makers may sound and look brilliant on paper but is really not the only way to make policy in a multicultural multiethnic country such as Britain.

There are other view points that are equally valid that help to impact positively on effective decision making. It is that diversity that we at Equinox Consulting believe must be celebrated at all times. So we consistently ask that the diversity of this country be recognised, that the people who through no fault of their own are traditionally uninvolved and excluded should be considered when decisions that affect them are being taken.

We assist through the work we do, whether in researching issues that affect minority groups, or in helping to engage with ‘hard to reach’ groups to ensure that the different dimensions and views of the different groups are elicited so that the impact of the decisions on them can be assessed.

Our belief in diversity means that we are prepared to work endlessly towards providing equality of opportunity for disadvantaged communities; we hope that with the removal of old structures that that sustained racial and other forms of discrimination we will work towards an attitude and culture change that will start accepting that it is time to start talking about opportunity of outcomes and devising mechanisms for the paradigm shift.

The diversity we crave is about respecting all, whatever gender or race or age or sexual orientation or religion or ability. We hope that we are able to spread the word about valuing all these people and working to remove their disadvantage to that in the principle of equity the duty to provide opportunity and allow all to benefit from all services in an equal manner will be the norm.