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Equinox Consulting is an innovative dynamic management consultancy set up in 1983 to promote social and economic advancement for disadvantaged communities. These comprise Black and Minority Ethnic, BAME Inner City , Refugees and Asylum seekers, urban poor, and other disadvantaged and socially excluded communities.

We adopt an integrated approach by offering Management Consultancy, Training and Research services. Our clients include central and local governments and their agencies, community, voluntary and civil society organisations, small business enterprises, and international corporations.

Our primary focus is working on issues that affect black and minority ethnic, BAME  communities. We devise engagement and consultation strategies towards their full participation, contribution, and integration into the mainstream.

Equinox Consulting is an approved consultant for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and a Registered Practice of the Institute of Management Consultancy.

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We support black and minority ethnic, BAME  communities of interest to participate fully in society.  Communities as places need to be regenerated from time to time when they fall into disrepair; however communities are not only about places, there is a human element of people who make up communities.


We actively support prospective and existing black and minority ethnic, BAME business people especially those from the African and Caribbean communities because we believe that there is a lot of untapped potential and a lot more of unfulfilled aspirations for business development in these communities.


We recognise that employment is the main key to the enjoyment of a fulfilling life and endows most people with the dignity and pride in the contribution and participation in the economy. However, there are several black and minority ethnic, BAME  people who still face barriers to getting and staying in a job.

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What our clients are saying

A key feature of this research is that the Black Caribbean community was involved in developing the recommendations that are put forward in this report. I hope these will be used as a foundation upon which the council can take action and embed practices that build stronger relationships and a better understanding of the Black Caribbean community in Lambeth. This report does not mark the end of a process but the beginning of a new way forward. I hope that the recommendations put forward will help the council work cooperatively not only with our established communities, but with our new communities too.
Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinet member for Equalities and Communities, Lambeth Council
In looking at a way forward we commissioned Equinox Consultancy to conduct a community needs assessment on our behalf. The Trustees were presented with a draft report in March 2014 and the implications are being explored to inform a strategic plan for WACA. We are aware that key priorities identified by participants in the survey are: Education, Health and wellbeing and arts and culture. The way forward will be a key theme for our AGM. We would like to extend our thanks to Equinox for the work completed and to WBC for funding the work.
Clive Saunders, Chairman, Watford African Caribbean Association
“the ACCF launched the business plan to the community and have received favourable response to the contents and the work programme. The plan was also presented to the leader, Leicester city council and his associates and they too offered their congratulations on the comprehensive research and vision.” – Chair, African Caribbean Citizens Forum, Leicester.
“I would like to express my appreciation, and we are extremely grateful to you for providing five superb capacity building training sessions. The training consultants, Ade Sawyerr and Maxine James of Equinox Consulting delivered excellent modules which suited the needs of the CEMP membership.”
Sharrafat Husien, Project Administrator, Crawley Ethnic Minority Partnership

Thanks again for sending over the documents. I’m pleased you were able to take on board our comments about the structure of the documents. There are no further changes that we feel are needed so happy to thank you for your efforts over the last few months and bring this phase of the work to a close