Our Vision – Transforming disadvantaged communities

Our vision is that inner city areas where a large majority of black and minority ethnic and socially excluded people reside can be transformed into vibrant economic communities. We expect that our involvement will enable members of disadvantaged communities to contribute to and participate fully in economic, social and political activities and play their full citizenship roles.

We realise the most organisations are now organised as economic units even when they have been set up to address social issues or publicly funded and therefore we use methodologies and disciplines that provide best value to our clients and their clients. We believe that as this country begins to celebrate the diversity inherent in a multicultural, multi-ethnic society, these communities of interest will through our intervention and strategies develop the necessary skills to provide tailor-made solutions to the particular problems that arise because of institutional racism.

We promise that the tangible results of our association with any organisation, be they profit or non profit making concerns, will result in positive changes in their performance and future.