Publications – Selected published work

For most of our consultancy and research assignments the report is the main output. A draft is often submit to the client for discussion before the final is approved and accepted.
Very few of the reports are available for publication because of the confidential and sensitive nature of the consultation.
Our reports are written in clear English and present the results of our investigations or enquiry.

We provide in most reports:
•An executive summary
•An Introduction
•The context
•Action plan for implementation
•Appendices as required

As consultants we undertake assignments for clients and maintain strict client confidentiality.
However on some occasions our clients publish assignments that we have undertaken or allow us to do so.

Here are a few publications

Project Mali Enterprising Leaders Evaluation Report

Though community businesses exist within the black community, and black community organisations who owned their own premises have been in
operation over the past 50 years, it took research by The Ubele Initiative to highlight the degree to which some of these black organisations have lost
or been dispossessed of these buildings and community facilities. That research revealed that these organisations
were not benefitting from the many initiatives directed at encouraging community ownership and management of assets.

Development of Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy in for the Borough of Lambeth
Development of a Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy for the Borough of Lambeth following consultations with a survey of the sector and key informant discussions with members of the sector constituted into a steering group.  The project also involved the examination of models from other local authoriity areas and background research to investgate new and innovative models of making the voluntary sector work in partnership with the voluntary and private sector to tackle social need in the borough.

Mapping of Nigerian Health and Education Professionals in the UK
Report on reasons for their migration, their willingness to, conditions under which,  and efforts required  to encourage them to return and the contributions they intend to make to the development effort

Black Caribbean Community Research
esearch to validate concerns of the Black Caribbean communities in Lambeth and actions that can be taken to resolve these so that they can participated and contribute to the efforts of the council in this co-operative borough in London

Evaluation of AFRUCA Child Protection Training Programme
Evaluating the process and content of an import course on child protection for African families newly arrived in the UK and the impact it has on their confronting a new culture as they attempt to integrate in the communities

Employment Needs of Octavia Housing Residents
A report on the employment needs of tenants with a view of implementing an employment plus project that would enable the housing association to use its procurement power for the benefit of tenants

Guidelines for Sharia Banking

An introduction to Sharia Banking, the reasons behind the concept and some of the products

BME Cracking Crime Evaluation Report
n evaluation of a BME community safety and crime prevention project that was targeted at the black youth to divert them from criminal activity

International Youth Learning and Recreational Association Annual Report for an innovative project combining sports an d recreational in a rural setting in Amanokrom, Ghana

Ethnic Minority Businesses in Lambeth and Southwark This report to find out more information about ethnic minority businesses involved a combination of 30 face to face interviews, 200 telephone interviews, two focus groups and mapping exercise of business advice support in Lambeth and Southwark