Feasibility Studies – Community facilities for community engagement

Community halls provide a meeting place for local communities to engage in social, educational, entertainment and even economic activities. They provide a facility for consultation and engaging the community and enable them to forge the cohesion bond that keeps communities vibrant and resourceful at the same time. But they need to be fully utilised if they are to be true assets.

Feasibility studies are about looking at whether the community resources that are often required have effective demand and can be fully utilised for the benefit of the community. Feasibility studies are about testing this effective utilisation and helping to design multi-ethnic, multi-purpose facilities that are also environmentally sustainable.

We believe that there is a great need for community resources that are consistent with the analogy of village halls that provide a voice for communities that are socially excluded.

We focus on:
•Market demand: – to assess the potential and actual demand for main, supplementary and ancillary activities in the proposed centre and determine how to make the facility financially viable.
•Site and building appraisal: establish the adequacy of proposals for the uses of the centre and modification to accommodate all the proposed uses, investigate the pre-planning and planning issues and advise on the feasibility of the location of the centre
•Organisation and management structure: to examine models for the management of the centre to confirm the involvement of community organisations to be involved in management
•Financial appraisal: determine capital cost of the centre, work out the operating cost of the facility and provide an indication of the most appropriate way for financing the development and funding for the maintenance and scenarios of income generation

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