Asprispri is an elegant solution to the problem of typing African characters on the computer. It can be used in MS Word, on any other word processing program, in different email programs and directly on the web in different email forums, on social media programs and on blogs. Problem solved The problem is that, of the 36 African alphabets that have been identified,11 or nearly one-third are not represented on the QWERTY keyboard which means that the characters are written with rather inelegant approximations.

These are the characters of the African Alphabet.
The special characters are: Ɓɓ, Ɖɖ, Ɛɛ, Ǝǝ, Ƒƒ, Ɣɣ, Ŋŋ,Ɔɔ, Ʃʃ, Ʒʒ, Ʋʋ

The solution is to use the character sound to effect the representation using a semicolon ‘;’ before the sound to create the character.

Instructions for use
1. Please download the file from link below
2. Double-click to extract the file into a directory of your choice.
3. Click and run the file. You are ready to start typing using aspispri
4. The file sits in your file notification area with the distinctive black and white logo.
5. You can suspend the running of the file at any time or quit the program all together.
6. You may also install in your start up folder so that it is always ready to run.

Next Steps
This is a test phase of what is an African solution to an African problem. It uses the ‘;’, semicolon to resolve a problem and gets us away from having to use 3, ), c, when we could easily type ɛ, ɔ, ŋ. We did not invent this, but we are providing this as a communication solution. We will be grateful if you do not share with anyone at this stage but to give us your honest opinion about the utility and to answer the following questions. 1. Does it work for you? 2. Who will find it useful? 3. Where can we distribute this? 4. How much will you want to pay for this utility after it is developed?

Click to Download The African Alphabet Solution Here