Training – translating theoretical concepts into practical context

At Equinox Consulting, we are able to offer our clients in-house tailored programmes to suit their particular circumstances.

We are available as trainers to work on programmes that have been already developed. We have carried out several training programmes working in association for Councils for Voluntary Services accross Britain. We have also delivered Enterprise Training and Training for work programmes across the country.

We design our own training programmes and work on those already designed by our clients:
•We adopt varied methods to ensure that our sessions are not left only at theoretical concepts and principles but contextualised for practice. Our sessions are participative, making use of role play and other psychologically motivating methods, exercises, group work and question and answer sessions.
•We also make use of audio visual equipment and provide participants with reference material.
•Business skills training
•Customised and skills training
•Management development and leadership programmes
•Capacity Building
•Strategic away day facilitation seminars