Our Work – Positive change to performance and future

•We use our expertise to formulate policies and implement effective solutions on diversity issues.
•We provide strategic insights on problems faced by these communities.
•We work with social enterprises, with second tier umbrella and infrastructure organisations that provide capacity building for frontline and grassroots organisations.
•We also provide advice to statutory agencies and regional and local authorities that inputs into policy

Equinox Consulting provides services in:
•Facilitation of strategic away days
•Policy research on minority issues
•Evaluations, reviews and appraisals
•Strategic business and delivery plans
•Feasibility studies for community facilities
•Roles and responsibilities of board trustees
•Management training and leadership courses
•Capacity building and community consultations
•Enterprise skills training and promotion strategies
•Employment skills training and placement initiatives

Our work


Minority and excluded communities in Britain still face a lot of problems arising out of disadvantage but often the solution to these problems are not clear when viewed using objective criteria alone; there is a certain understanding of these communities that is required to deal with


enterprise- Red-houses -

Equinox Consulting actively support prospective and existing business people by providing management support in a variety of ways to help them set up and achieve growth in their business. We specialise in enterprise development and promote strategies aimed at transforming


Equinox Consulting devise appropriate measures to overcome the objective and subjective barriers to employment for people from disadvantaged communities.  We have researched the barriers to employment for young minority ethnic people, examined the aspirations that influence


In a dynamic civil society sector that is always in transition, professional skills drive the delivery of quality services to users and beneficiaries. Our approach to training is to introduce concepts in management of operations and to contextualise these topics by

Board Trustee

Trustees are responsible for improvement of their fortunes of voluntary and community organisations. Their responsibilities span policy formulation, strategic thinking, supervisory management and accountability to stakeholders.


Community organisations, especially organisations operating within minority and disadvantaged communities, are caught up in the spending cuts. There is no doubt that the cuts will affect us all; but can you afford to do nothing? To survive there is an urgent need for strategic planning.

Evaluations &

Small community organisations provide excellent services for the communities of interest. Often however they face problems with continued funding because they are unable to demonstrate how useful their projects are to their users.


Community halls provide a meeting place for local communities to engage in social, educational, entertainment and even economic activities. They provide a facility for consultation and engaging the community and enable them to forge the cohesion

Business Plans

Business plans have always been the key to efficient and effective delivery of projects. In assisting voluntary organisations to develop business plans, we recognise that the process of drawing up the plan is as important as the plan itself and therefore we consult all the


Our capacity building work gives us the opportunity to work with people from the voluntary sector in groups or on a one to one basis providing them with support on different issues that include:

Alphabet Solution

Asprispri is an elegant solution to the problem of typing African characters on the computer. It can be used in MS Word, on any other word processing program, in different email programs and blogs


Equinox Consulting was set up in 1983 as an innovative, dynamic and specialist management consultancy promoting social and economic advancement for disadvantaged communities through management


Our Capability Statement