Cllr Lorna Campbell, cabinet member for Equalities and Communities has called on Lambeth’s Black Caribbean Community to take part in a major listening exercise in March and April. The council is undertaking research to listen to the views and experiences of Lambeth’s black Caribbean community.

Lambeth is changing the way it operates to give residents real power and influence over decisions which affect their lives. Under Lambeth’s Cooperative Council residents, councillors and council staff will work together to design, develop and deliver services. This research is part of the council’s wider work to understand the views and experiences of Lambeth’s diverse communities.



If you are interested participating in this research please contact Maxine James at Equinox Consulting

Cllr Campbell said,

“We are determined to change the way our services are designed and delivered with greater involvement by residents as part of the development of the cooperative council. Therefore we want to hear the experiences, views and concerns of Lambeth’s black Caribbean community. This is vital in going forward and making necessary changes.

‘I’m determined that every community in Lambeth is represented within the council so that the services we provide meet their needs.”



1. According to the 2011 Census there are 28,866 black Caribbean residents living in Lambeth, the fourth highest in the country (behind Birmingham, Croydon and Lewisham) and the second highest in percentage terms (9.5%, behind Lewisham at 11.2%).

2. Lambeth is proud of its black Caribbean history and will soon be the home to the nation’s black cultural archives. Following a public vote, the borough also renamed the main square in Brixton, Windrush Square, in honour of the Caribbean migrants who came to Lambeth on the Empire Windrush after the Second World War.

3. Lambeth Council has commissioned Equinox Consulting to ensure the views, opinions and experiences of Lambeth’s Black Caribbean community are heard and addressed by the council.

The Black Caribbean Community in Lambeth: An insight

Lambeth Council has commissioned research to gain better insight into the Black Caribbean community as it seeks to implement its vision of a cooperative council where all stakeholders, the politicians, the council staff and the communities will be involved in designing, developing and delivering services.

We want to engage the Black Caribbean community in Lambeth directly in this research and looking to recruit residents who would wish to be interviewers as well as those who would want to share their experiences of living in Lambeth as a Black Caribbean with us.

Please contact Maxine James of Equinox Consulting at if you are interested participating in this research.

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