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‘Africans Were In Britain Before The English…’

‘Africans Were In Britain Before The English…’ This powerful statement of fact is how historian Peter Fryer started his seminal book Staying Power (Pluto Press, 1984) documenting the black presence in Britain Posted in Voice Newspaper 28/12/2015 10:00 AM SONGSTRESS: An unnamed member of The African Choir from South Africa who played concerts for a high-profile audience including Queen Victoria, courtesy of Hulton Archive/Getty Images   IT IS a notion that would confound most people, particularly against the backdrop of today’s fierce debate on migration. Yet the truth remains that African history in Britain stretches back to the 3rd Century when [...]

Reaping benefits of the brain drain – Ade Sawyerr, Equinox Consulting

Reaping benefits of the brain drain – Ade Sawyerr, Equinox Consulting As the British government continues its tough talk on the need to control economic migration one wonders when governments of the country of origin of these migrants will start implementing policies and programmes that would attract these seasoned professionals and their children back home to help contribute to the prosperity of economies much in the same way they are doing in Britain. This diatribe against migrants flies in the face of continued schemes such as the work permit system and the Highly Skilled Migrant Visas that are meant to attract [...]